Sunday , 5 March 2017

Why we fall in love psychology with someone

Some research work and main causes of fall in love are discussed below we hope you will understand the basic theme of fall in love clearly.
1) The main and most important cause of fall in love is the Similarity with some one.Any one who is v with us will us.

2) Another cause of fall in love is the Reciprocal liking.We expect to be loved with an other than clearly we fall in love with them.

3) We fall in love with those personalities who have the Desirable characteristics.Those characteristics are available in a person which have the font.Than we clearly fall in love with this person.


4) Another main cause is Social acceptability or social influences.The person is acceptable in all types of people whatever they thinks.

5) Fulfillment is another cause.The person which is thinking in their mind any type of idea or any type of wish is fulfilled by another person.

6) Situation is the most common cause for fall in love.If any person is in problem some one helps him than it is natural thing the other person fall in love with them.

7)In Alone Time spending with some is the basic factor to become closer with someone.
8) Culture & Language is the other main source to become closer with any one.Because Culture & language has a vital role to become fall in love.

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