Monday , 6 March 2017

Valentine Day Manana Kaisa hai Nisaar Nadiadwala Peace TV Urdu Lecture

Peace TV Network Da’wah to Islam in urdu and English. An Urdu speech by Moinuddin ibn Nasrullah on the topic of Valentine’s Day .Valentine’s Day is a jaahili Roman festival now the whole world even Muslims are celebrating this day. People offer red rose flowers to enhance the love with their girl friends. Nisaar Nadiadwala  a famous Peace TV Speaker. His valentine day lecture is widely watched on peace tv urdu. Lectures and Debates and ask questions to Dr. Zakir Naik. Saint Valentine’s Day is an event for lovers so this day has no reality according to Islam. Celebrating Valentine’s Day in Islam .Why I am celebrating Valentine’s Day being a Pakistani Muslim, Should Muslims celebrate Valentine’s Day, What Islam Says about Valentine Day, it is not permissible for a Muslim to celebrate any of the festivals of the kuffaar.  Why Islam rejected Valentine

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