Unilever Future Leaders UFLP Programme 2016 Apply Online

Unilever Future Leaders program is a world level program which is trying to inspire and motivate the youngsters as a good manger and a worker in their future by giving them a chance in live field work.
Select a department for Unilever Future Leaders Programme 2016.

路 Customer Development
路 Finance
路 Human Resources
路 Marketing
路 Supply Chain

Unilever is a broad company.first of all you have to select that in whic area you wants to work.
The other thing is that in whic businees unit you wants to work.
After that you will be the part of that team that is working to creat a better future every day.
Main facts in Unilever Future Leaders Programme

路 Duration: 2-3 years

路 Location: Over 50 countries

路 Eligibility: Minimum Bachelor鈥檚 degree required.

路 Degree required: We will consider all degrees

路 Benefits: Localized salary and benefits package

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