Ufone latest 2014 best Internet Offer (Daily, Weekly, Monthly)

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Ufone latest Internet Offer (Daily, Weekly, Monthly) Detail

Sr. #
Mobile Internet
package Name
Subscription Charges
Validity Activation SMS Shortcode
1. *Special Daily Mobile Internet Package 75MB per Day Rs.4.99/- Inclusive of Tax 01:00 AM to 09:00 PM 810
  Terms & Conditions:
2. Hourly Internet Package Unlimited Rs. 15 per hour Inclusive of Tax Unlimited 806
  Terms & Conditions:
3. Daily Internet Package* 50MB per Day Rs. 10/-Inclusive of Tax 24 Hours 804
  Terms & Conditions:
4. Endless Internet Monthly Bucket Unlimited Rs.30/- Inclusive of Tax 02:00 AM to 09:00 AM 7813
  Terms & Conditions:
5. Prepaid Mobile Internet 5 5 MB Rs. 50 Inclusive of Tax 15 Days 801
  Terms & Conditions:
6. Prepaid Mobile Internet 30 30 MB Rs. 150 Inclusive of Tax 30 Days 802
  Terms & Conditions:
7. Prepaid Mobile Internet 2 GB Rs. 200 Inclusive of Tax 30 Days 7807
  Terms & Conditions:
8. Prepaid Mobile Internet Unlimited 6 GB Rs. 500 Inclusive of Tax 30 Days 803
  Terms & Conditions:
9. Postpaid Mobile Internet Unlimited Unlimited** Rs. 500/- 30 Days 805
  Terms & Conditions:
10. Postpaid 2GB monthly Internet Data Bucket 2GB Rs. 200/- 30 Days 4547
  Terms & Conditions:

* Auto renewal after 24 hours.
** Fair usage policy of 6 GB apply on Postpaid Mobile Internet package.


  1. Abu Hasnain Ibne Hassan

    Please introduce weekly net bundle for ufone prepaid costomers. We are missing these details

  2. how to do weekly package in ufone

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