Saturday , 4 March 2017

Tomato Cheese Bun recipe in urdu and English

Every one like to eat burger and bun so Tomato Cheese Bun  is the famous and very delicious recpie which are famous not only in pakistan but many of other countries, so here we gave a simple Recipe to prepare Tomato Cheese Bun  at home.



1: tomatoes chopped—2 add
2: Chilli—- 4 add
3: cream cheese— 300 gram
4: oil—½ teaspoon
5:Pepper chopped
6:A teaspoon of vinegar balsmk
7: onion finely chopped—1 add
8:parsley fresh, finely chopped—Two teaspoons
9:Jalapynu finely chopped—3 add
10:Four to five pieces of basil leaves to be cut down





1: First of all take a little oil on a griddle.
2:The cut in the horizontal direction of the pan should be placed on both sides of toast.
3:In a bowl, salt, pepper, balsmk vinegar, onion, parsley, jalapynu, ½ teaspoon olive oil, basil leaves and tomatoes and mix well let down.
4: phrbn put something on the part of the tomato mixture  place over it.
6:The second part was put at Serve hot.


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