Saturday , 4 March 2017

Tips To Get Your Post Pregnancy Tummy Back To Shape

Pregnancy is very tough time in women life but after baby you forget all pain and tough period of pregnancy. After the baby your tummy looks huge,saggy and wrinkly and take much time to get back in shape. Here some tips are given to get back in shape after post pregnancy.

Belly Wraps

belly wrap

Doctors suggest belly wraps  to lose tummy fat after pregnancy. Belly Wraps are available at any pregnancy or baby stores. Body wraps works wonders on the tummy muscles and hold your tummy tight and give support for the extended belly muscles that carry your weight and helps them to get back to their position quickly.But if you deliver baby through cesarean then use body wraps after 6 months of delivery.



Breastfeeding is naturally lose weight and tummy. Breastfeeding burns calories quickly and helps the tummy to get back at it pre size. Breastfeeding shrink the tummy quickly.



After Delivery you should consult your doctor and ask him to start exercise. Before starting exercising  listen your body if it ready for the workout then start with simple exercises. Some Exercises reduces tummy very quickly but they need to work regularly. every body is different  to others so do not compare with others. For Flat tummy work on abs try doing Pilates and crunches.


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