Sunday , 5 March 2017

Tips To Gain Weight For Skinny Girls

Weight is the common topic now a days among Girls and boys also.Some want to lose their weight while some want to gain weight.Young girls and boys are often subjected to being skinny in their growing age.So they want to gain little weight for healthy body look.Here some tips are given to gain weight Naturally.


Tips To Gain Weight For Skinny Girls

High Protein Diet:

High protein diet like milk, cheese, peanut butter, dates, lentils help to gain weight by increasing muscle power. Banana shake is also helps to gain weight,Mango shake also benefit for gain weight.


Almonds contains vitamins, iron  and calcium,almonds provide energy to adults and young and helps to grow weight fast.Soak 12 almonds overnight,at morning crush these almonds and mix with 1 table spoon butter and mishri and eat it with hot milk.It really works to gain weight fast.


Honey is best health tonic. it gives strengthens to digestive system  and increase haemoglobin level that helps to gain weight. Skinny Peoples can take 1 table spoon honey in a glass of hot milk to gain weight fast.

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