Saturday , 4 March 2017

The world’s oldest person has made a grave gravestone 25 years

Oldest person in the world. Knowing that death patient but old age you will not believe

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A man from Indonesia last year, which claims to be the oldest man in the world, celebrated its 146 th anniversary. British newspaper, according to the Independent, the date of birth 31 December 1870 reveals that the documents of the mbah night from a small village in Central Java and the Indonesian Record Office also confirmed that it is valid is. If that is true, then that person will be the old man of the world, this time to honor the life kalmnt from France, who died at the age of 122 years.

There are several people in the world Goth, who claim that they have a record of live kalmnt, but could not confirm their age. For example, the claim of James hail fntuyy from Nigeria that her age 171 years, when it claims that the dhakabu Abbé from Ethiopia is the age of 163 years, but without confirmation Archive the world’s oldest person to be awarded.

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