Sunday , 5 March 2017

TEXPO Scholarships for ICT and Million Dollars of Investment Pakistan

The Global Technology and Infrastructure provider (TEXPO) will invest million dollars in Pakistan ICT sector in upcoming five years. TEXPO Mentoring a Talent’ initiative is also awarding 34 university scholarships to IT expert students of Pakistan.

Cannon Technologies Pakistan and its partner TEXPO are further investing in this region and making a way for other Global ICT organization.

According to TEXPO investment plan in Pakistan Company will develop Pakistan s ICT Sector. CEO of TEXPO Pakistan Dr Sarfaraz Alam said that it is our desire to make an infrastructure in Pakistan and hunt new Generation Pakistani talent by creating new jobs

TEXPO Mentoring a Talent for ICT Scholarship Pakistan

.TEXPO Million Dollars of Investment Scholarships for ICT in pakistan

Pakistan is one of the Growing countries in technology field and many international companies are also focusing for investment in Pakistan. ITCN Asia Expo the British Deputy high Commissioner Mr. Mike Reilly awarded 34 IT Scholarship for talented Pakistani students. By this scholarship offer the south Asian IT universities students will use their full potential in this Technological world. This Scholarship program is not limited in Pakistan but TEXPO extending this program in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, India and Nepal. TEXPO Company has 15 years experience in infrastructure development performance evaluation organizational talent assessment for private organization

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