Telenor 3G USB Dongles Daily, Weekly Monthly Latest Packages

Telenor 3G USB Dongles Daily, Weekly Monthly Latest Packages. Telenor offering 3G High Speed Internet by expanding his coverage in big cities of Pakistan mostly in Districts.  Telenor USB internet dongle device is a portable device and you can use high speed internet while rooming in Pakistan. Telenor USB dongle device can work in 3G, GPRS and also in EDGE coverage areas. Telenor 3G internet packages and tariff detail is given below. Telenor’s 3G enabled USB devices are available at Telenor franchise. Customers can get a dongles device after biometric verification of their thumb impressions.

Initial device charges of Telenor’s USB dongle is Rs.2500 with a 1500 MB free internet for three months (500 MB for each month)

Telenir Prepaid USB Stick Internet Buddle offers


ٖNote: With passge of Time Charges changed. Click for Updated Detail 

How to Activate Telenor USB Stick?

Send “SUB” to “6004”. Select the desired bundle from the received SMS Menu.

How to operate your Dongle?

  1. You can use the Dongle software or put the Data SIM in your phone to do any of the following.
  2. To know about your current balance write “BAL” and send message to “6001”.
  3. To recharge your Data SIM either get easy load on your number or write the 14 digit code of scratch card and send to “6002”.
  4. To know your currently available internet volume writes “VOL” and send message to “6003”.
  5. To subscribe to 3G bundles, write “SUB” and send message to “6004”. Select your desired bundle from the received SMS Menu.


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  1. if there is any franchise of telenor in Mansehra from where i can get information about USB for internet and pakajes available,

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