Sunday , 5 March 2017

Surprising Tips for an Easier Normal Child Birth

Preparing for childbirth is a physically Challenge for Women .Child Birth is sensitive time in Women Life. Some Ladies are fair about Child Birth. First Time when you expecting, the fair of Birth pain is in your mind. Don’t Take Stress. Some Methods and medical instruments used to gave birth naturally and normally with low pain. Here some surprising factors are given for Say Child Birth.

Surprising Tips for an Easier Normal Child Birth

Eat Dates
Women who eat dates daily during their ninth months are gave birth Normally. In a Research it says that Pregnant ladies should eat at least 6 dates on daily basis for easy normal delivery.

Sleep More
Pregnant Ladies should sleep more. Sleeping helps to relax body and mind. Research proven that more sleeping in pregnancy is helpful during Delivery.


Exercise also helps for Normal Vaginal delivery.The most important exercise for childbirth is “squatting”.In This exercise  take a ball between your lower back and a wall. Walk your feet out as far as you can, rotate your toes and hips outward. Do this exercise at daily basis for Normal Delivery.

Walking is also surprising factor. Do some lightly walk in pregnancy  at morning or Night Time. Take Bath with warm water to relax your body. These Tips helps in Normal Child Birth.

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