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Spicy Daal Palak recipy in urdu and english

Spicy Daal Palak recipy in urdu and english :



1: one cup  moong
2: One cup of lentils
3:  an arthritis Foster
4: Six green pepper
5: A teaspoon of red pepper powder
6:A teaspoon of turmeric
7:Two teaspoons ginger garlic paste
8: salt teaspoon
9:Half a cup of cream
10:259 grams of tomatoes
11: Condiment for planting
12:Curry leaves ten
13: cumin one tablespoon
14: gambling Ten garlic
15: oil ½ cup
16: One Onion


Spicy Daal Palak recipy in urdu and english 


1: Moong dal, lentils and spinach should be washed clean.
2: In a pan, moong, lentils and spinach with water cook mild heat.
3:Spinach and rot when the pulses in the red chilli powder, turmeric, ginger garlic paste, salt and pour the tomato mixture and let cook for ten minutes.
4:Then, to add green pepper and remove from the stove.
5:Now, to add cream.
6:To condiment: Heat the oil in another pan and add the onions golden.
8:Then in the curry leaves, cumin and garlic, put the yoke.
9:Finally serve condiment.

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