Sunday , 5 March 2017

Special fried fish recipie in Urdu English

special fried fish recipie in urdu And English:



1:Fish …. one pound

2: cayenne pepper ground…one teaspoon

3: salt…1 teaspoon

4:lemon juice..1 tablespoon

5:One egg….1

6:A teaspoon of hot spices

7:A teaspoon of garlic paste

8: cumin (roasted and crushed) 1tbsp



1:Wash the fish.

2:The red pepper, salt, lemon juice, egg, hot spices, garlic paste and cumin keep it for 2 hour .

3:Take deep fried in hot oil then.

4:Prepare delicious fish fry,

5:fry it untill the colour of the fish change to brown

6:your fried fish is ready now get out fish from oil and put it in the plate

7: At the end serve the fish to your guest and family.

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