Sunday , 5 March 2017

Special Daal Gosht Recipie in urdu and English



1: goat meat…(750 gram)
2: mung dal…(100 gram)
3:lentils…(100 gram)
4: gram dal…(200 gram)
5:One onion …(finely chopped)
6: cup oil..(3/4)
7:The hot spice mix ..(1 tablespoon
8: ginger garlic paste,,(Two tablespoons
9: salt..(A tablespoon
10: cayenne pepper (Two tablespoons ground
11: coriander (A tablespoon,,crushed and roasted
12: cumin (Three tablespoons ground and roasted
13: turmeric,,(Half teaspoon
14: tomatoes (750 gram blend-in
15:Green pepper eight
16: a teaspoon of the salt and lemon
17: cup of Butter( 1/4 cup





1:Mix the Moong, gram dal lentils and put the soaked for two hours.
2:Boil the lentils with onions, until they boil.
3:Then put aside in any pot.
4:Three-quarters cup mix in the hot oil and spices, ginger garlic paste, salt, ground red pepper, 5:coriander, cumin, turmeric and fry tomatoes may well put.
6:Now fry the mutton.
7:Then add three cups of water and cook covered, until the meat to rot.
8:Now, boiled lentils and put the green pepper is cooked so that they are condensed.
9:Add the salt and lemon.
10:For condiment ghee in warm and round red pepper, cumin and white leaves take part.
11:Then add the lentils and put them on the light heat for ten minutes.
12:Garnish with chopped green dhuniya now serve with the rice.


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