Saturday , 4 March 2017


During Pregnancy women face many complications. Sore and painful Breasts are also experienced during pregnancy. Pregnant Lady feel sore breasts after 1-2 weeks after conceiving and her breast became change during that period. Sore breast due to hormonal changes in body due to pregnancy. Women body start secreting more progesterone and estrogen that are factors to enhance breast size in women  and your breast start developing milk gland to prep up for delivery. This change cause uncomfortable condition for women including breast soreness, tenderness, pain and swelling etc. Some women feel extreme pain even if their breasts brush against clothing or touched. This condition remain until you gave birth.


Causes For Breast Soreness

Wear Right Cup Size:

You select cup size after measure your breasts . Don;t use smaller and loose fitting cup.Your breast start growing during pregnancy So buy extra cup size bra that help to support your breasts.

Choose the Right Kind of Bra:

During Pregnancy used supportive bras to feel comfortable.sports bra hold your breasts firmly in place thus it minimizing the discomfort and pain in breasts.

Take a Warm Water Bath :

A warm water bath really work to sooth aching breasts during pregnancy. But sure water temp is below 100 degree because high degree warm water is not good.Fill the bath tub with warm water and lie down in it for few time. you can also take warm water shower bath. open the shower and let the warm water stream hit on your breasts.

Apply Creams and Lotions:

Apply creams and lotion on your breasts recommended by Doctor. Apply creams or lotion on breast regularly. Choose lotions or creams that contain lanolin as an active ingredient is good for breast sore relief.

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