Saturday , 4 March 2017

Sindh Police launches digital driving license system

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Sindh police introduces computerized driving license system

The Sindh police department announced the launch of its new computerized driving license system on Tuesday.

IGP AD Khowaja inaugurated the new system at a ceremony held at the driving licence office in Clifton.

The IGP said the new system offered latest technology and facilities that it would help in putting a stop to fake licences. He added the system would increase convenience and transparency. “The provision of driving licences has made one-window operation possible for the public.

sindh traffic police driving licence verification online

Citizens will be able to access information pertaining to their driving licences via a mobile app. The licence applicants will be kept informed throughout the process via texts messages. Sindh’s driving licence system will also be acceptable globally. Applicants can also make payments online. The system also offers home delivery through which an applicant’s address can also be verified.

It is noteworthy that Sindh’s modernized driving license system will be acceptable globally.

Driving licenses can be renewed 15 minutes now, while procuring a new license takes only 40 minutes.

Modern software

The driving licence system is based on a modern and state-of-the art software. It will save the time of applicants to the maximum possible extent and they would not have to visit repeatedly visit the licence branch.

Its salient features include a newly designed card that will help in detecting and preventing issuance of fake licences.

The mobile phone app can be easily downloaded and will help prospective applicants.

Driving License Sindh

A mobile phone text service has been launched to inform the applicants about the different stages of the preparation and issuance of their licences.

A Q-matic service has also been launched so that every customer and applicant should be given equal importance on their turn.

The system also includes a feedback service to deal with the complaints of applicants.

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