Sunday , 5 March 2017

Side effects of Over masterbution in men urdu

The most widely recognized “symptoms” of masturbation are discharge (for the most part among men, yet in some cases among ladies)  help of fatigue; fun; joy; alleviation symptom of strain; less demanding time nodding off; unwinding; and general joy.


What reactions won’t happen as a consequence of masturbation?

1; there is no growup of hairs on your palms.

2; you wont visually impaired or look unnecessarily old.

3; u won’t put on or get any weight.

4: it cannot make you daze.

5; it coud not make u thin

it’s simply reenacted sex and won’t give you any of the previously stated problems and issues. Every one of the myths about masturbation have come to be a direct result of society’s perspectives that everything to do with sexuality including masturbation was an “awful” thing.

Reasons given by different people who masturbate are as:

1: To gete rid from stress.

2:To take part in sex when an accomplice is distracted or would not like to have sexual relation.

3:To find out about what feels great to them and how they jump at the chance to be animated or pleasured.


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