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Shawarma recipe in urdu and English

shawarma is very popular and famous and also delicious food to eat, mostly people like it very much and want to try it at home so to make shawarma at home noat a big deal you can easily make it at home as:



shawarma recipe in urdu and English:

1: chicken….(750 grams)
2:yogurt— 1 CUP
3:vinegar—¼ cup
4: garlic gambling—2 Add
5: black pepper—1 teaspoon
6: salt—½ teaspoon
7:green cardamom—2 add
8:Lemon juice —i tablespoon—To make the sauce.
9: sesame paste—½ cup
10: garlic gambling—2 add
11: lemon juice—¼ cup
12: yogurt–4 tablespoons
13:Pita bread —4 add
15: chopped cucumber
16: chopped onion
17: Simaak—–½ teaspoon
18:Crushed tomatoes
19:For red pepper paste.
20: Kashmiri chili 6
21:cumin —-1 teaspoon



1: First of all Kashmiri chilli, cumin soaked in water to make him blend in the blender to make chili paste is ready.
2: when chilli paste is ready the Chicken Grease all the spices together and make the grill.
3: Cut into small pieces and cook the sauce after it mixed in.
4:  pita bread filled with Chile and olive oil, put the pieces of chicken.
5:And the roll and serve with tomatoe catch up.

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