Monday , 6 February 2017

shahid afridi pics with maulana tariq jameel

shahid afridi pics with maulana tariq jameel

Shahid afridi is known as Boom Boom afridi in all over the world.The famous pakistani cricketer Boom Boom afridi is one the best world International Cricketer.His performance in International cricket is realy remarkable.shahid afridi has record of 400 sixes in International cricket.In pakistan and in all over the world Boom Boom Afridi cricket performance is realy towering.Shahid afridi is a man of Islamic vision.In a special meeting with tariq jameel he accepted the Islamic vision of Mulana tariq jameel.Now he is one the best muslim cricketer in world.You can download here shahid afridi high quality images,Latest shahid afridi hd pics,shahid afridi best sixes

shahid afridi and maulana tariq jameel images


shahid afridi with maulana tariq jameel video

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