Tuesday , 7 March 2017

Ramzan 2013 Seher-o-Iftar calendar for Islamabad city

Ramzan 2013 Seher-o-Iftar Timing for Islamabad Pakistan

Ramadan-ul-Mubarak is one of the months of blessings in Islam religion. Muslim from all areas of the world especially Muslims of Islamic countries keep fast during the month of Ramadan. Fasting during ramdan is obligatory in the month of Ramadan. People of Islamabad offer night salat Namaz-e-Taraveeh in different famous mosque of Islamabad. Timing of Namaz-e-Taraveeh in mosques of Islamabad will be available soon on Pakstudyweb.com. People of Islamabad go for “Aitkaaf” in the last ten days of Ramadan in different Mosques of Islamabad. It is better to go for aitkaaf in the second ten days, or the last ten days of Ramadan. (Saheeh Bukhari).In the month of Ramazan Muslim fast with a spirit of faith and accountability, during the month of Ramadan output in forgiving of all the previous sins. You can check here the Sehr-o-Iftar calander for Islamabad city and surrounding areas of Islamabad.

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