Monday , 6 February 2017

Ramdan ul mubarik 2013 calendar-When Ramzan 2013 will start

Month of Ramadan is one the holy and secret month in Islamic calender .Ramdan 2013 will start when the moon of Ramdan will be seen in respective countries of the world.Islamic calendar, Muslim calendar or Hijri calendar (AH) starts from the month of muharram 2013and Islamic calendar last month is ZUL-HIJJAH. Ramzan ul mubarak 2013 best and secret Islamic month in Islamic calendar.All muslim from all over the world fast. Following are the names of month in Islamic calendar MUHARRAM ,SAFAR,RABI-AL-AWWAL,RABI-AL-THANI,JUMADA-AL-AWWAL,JUMADA-AL-THANI,RAJAB,SHABAN,RAMADAN,SHAWWAL,ZUL-QAADAH,ZUL-HIJJAH

Ramdan ul mubarik start

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