Sunday , 5 February 2017

PTI Sargodha jalsa Imran khan 17 Oct Full speech download

Pakistani Tehreek e Insaf has started midterm election campaign. First jalsa was held in Karachi than in Lahore Minar e Pakistan. After Lahore PTI Imran khan home town jalsa. PTI and Imran khan is much popular leader among youth in Pakistan, Because according to youth no one can change the corrupt system in Pakistan. Only Imran khan and PTI have a new vision to change the corrupt system and economy also. Today jalsa in Sargodha will also be historical jalsa. We hope Imran khan will also comment about yesterday Amir Dogar success. Chairman PTI Imran Khan Speech in Sargodha Jalsa.Full coverage of sargodha Jalsa can not possible but we provide Imran khan speech. PTI Jalsa Participants In Sargodha Jalsa. PTI Sargodha Jalsa Helicam shots pics

PTI Sargodha jalsa Imran khan 17 Oct 2014 Full speech download

Imran khan 10 October 2014 Sargodha Jalsa Full speech Video

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