Thursday , 9 March 2017

PTCL DSL Upgrade economy 2mb and 4mb packages charges detail

PTCL offering some latest packages with new rates for year 2014. PTCL EComoy package is best for those who need less download limit. 1MB ptcl student package new rate for 2014 are also most affordable for students. 1mb speed upgrade offer is also best for students. 1MB students package has 1250 per month charges and unlimited download. and 4mb dsl package has following charges.

PTCL upgrade offer and latest 2014 packages

1Mb     @Rs 1250

2Mb     @Rs 1549

4Mb     @Rs 2100 

8Mb     @Rs 6999

12Mb   @Rs 9000

16Mb   @Rs 11000

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