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Premature Labor (Preterm Labor) Signs Causes

Premature labor is also called preterm labor. premature Labor occur when your body is ready for birth too early in your pregnancy more than three weeks before your due date. When your Delivery occur  before your Doctor Due date its called Premature or Preterm Labor. Many Signs and causes of this labor are listed below:

Signs of Preterm Labor


Most Significant Signs Of Preterm Labor

A dull backache is a sign of preterm labor. Sometimes, the pain can also be constant. This Backache not relief until the change of position or any other comfort measure.

Vaginal Leaking:

Leakage of water fluid from vagina is a common sign of pretem labor. This condition is also called Water Break.  White Vaginal fluid leaking when the internal membranes rupture and water bag is busted.


Most Significant Signs Of Preterm Labor

You Feel cramping in lower abdomen part or menstrual cramp. This cramps may also feel like a gas pain in abdominal. These cramps also be noticed in many women as sign of Preterm Labor.

Lesser Movement of the Baby

Most Significant Signs Of Preterm Labor

When Labor approaches the activity or movement of baby will be less and you fell no kicks and nil movement of the Baby. Contact with your doctor when you feel these sign as soon to help interrupt premature delivery.

Causes of Preterm Labor:

Smoking or use of any alcohal or drug is the reason of pretrem labor. Women Overweight before  pregnancy is also the main reason. High Blood Pressure , Diabetes, Blood Clotting is the reason of Preterm Pregnancy, Being Pregnant with Twins  and a personal history of preterm labor is the main  causes of Premature Labor .

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