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Poultry industry history statistics in Pakistan 2015

Poultry industry history statistics in Pakistan 2015

Poultry industry was first time established in Pakistan on commercial basis in 1962. Its growth rate is 10 -12 %.I industry is growing rapidly in form of fast food chains and food outlets. Impact of poultry industry is obvious in national economy. Meat and egg production of poultry playing a key role in livestock sector. New investor is coming in this sector on regular basis. Like Punjab industry is also rapidly growing in other provinces. Reason behind progress is use of new technology in this field and injecting of money in poultry industry venture. Control sheds rapidly replacing open shed system. Consumption of chicken products is increasing in Pakistani society.

To built a control shed 10-15 million is needed. In the same you will earn more in this investment which is 1-3 million is expected in season. In traditional forming system less investment and less profit concept exist. This is the reason big investor avoid traditional farming concept. Price of chicken meat is not expensive when it is compared to other meat so people prefer this. Poultry is cheapest animal protein source for our public. Red meat supply is decreasing day by day in Pakistan. Protein is necessary for our health we are consuming less protein as compared to human body standard requirement. This time in Pakistan almost 1.5 million are earning from poultry sector hence one can say this industry is biggest source of employment.Better technology use with passage of time will enhance poultry industry more and more. In the same rural poultry need attention which will decrease poverty.

  1. Poultry industry statics in Pakistan
  2. No of poultry farm in Pakistan are almost 2500.
  3. Poultry industry providing 40% of meat requirement.
  4. Poultry industry using 40% of agriculture sector by products.
  5. No of table egg production 9410 million.
  6. Chicken meat production 953 metric tons.

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