Monday , 6 March 2017

Periods Pain Problems and Solutions in Urdu

Females have little organs called ovaries in the lower portion of their tummy (stomach area).The ovaries lies either side of womb (uterus). The ovaries begin to deliver females hormones in female young ladies around adolescences which make change the covering of uterus.  while during your period cycle your period the coating of your womb is shed together with some blood.


The time between the one period and the begin of second one is known as menstrual cycle. The normal time period of these cycle length is normally 28 days.and sometimes it may be 24 to 35 days.These are brought on by changing measures of your female hormones at distinctive times of your cycle.

The normal age to begin periods is 14,yet it is typical to begin whenever it is between the age 11 to 15. some of ladies begins before and after this limit periods proceed upto the age of 50.



what can Effects yours periods:-

1: Stress; if u are under a stress you will be stop periods for a short periods.

2: Exercise: An excessive amount of physical action can bring about your muscle too fat to be low which can be a cause to stop your periods

3:Harmoons Problems: in some case there are issues with harmoons which effect this cycle

4: Major weight loss: adolsence who have anorexi will some time face stop periods.

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