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Perfect and Smooth Shave removing unwanted hair

Shaving is that the removal of hair by employing a razor or the other reasonably bladed implement, to move it down to the extent of the skin or otherwise. Shaving is most ordinarily practiced by men to get rid of their facial hair and by girls to get rid of their leg and under arm hair. a person is named shaved if he has had his beard entirely removed.Shaving is one in every of the foremost common and, by far  the foremost convenient methodology of hair removal for men and girls alike.

1:Make Shave B4 Shower
The best time to shave is within the morning right before taking your shower. This can be as a result of the new water and steam from the shower can facilitate to melt your facial hair, and open up your pore also
2:Wash Face fully
Before making shave you must gently wash your face with lightly hot water. Many men miss the step of washing their face before they shave. This step helps in an exceedingly number of alternative ways. First, it helps by removing unwanted dirt and oil from your skin that would cause irritation when shaving.
3:Choose disposable razors for convenience and value.

where as the skin is protected against nearly the sharp edge of the blade, it’s still vital to use these carefully, nicks and cuts are not uncommon.

4:Use a face scrub:
A gentle cleaning massage will be helpfull to open pores of your skin,  lift stubs for a better shave.
5:Choose ambiguous blades:
choose double edge blade for closeness and economy.These blades are presently enjoying a revivification in quality among men.
6:Apply cream:
Shaving cream may also assist you to keep the skin smooth after shave. you ought to choose a cream that’s glycerin-based for best performance.

7:Don’t Forget the Moisturizer:

The last step is to use moisturizer to your face. this can be vital as a result of shaving causes the removal of a number of the natural oils on your face.

Main Note:

Discard shaving blades when four or 5 uses.

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