Sunday , 5 March 2017

Paris Terror Attacks News Images Video 2015

Today’s attack on French soil in actual attack on humanity’s soul.In different six areas of Capital Area of Frans 120 people has been killed & 200 injured.Prime Minister of Frans take the decession of Emergancy in country.UNO and Muslim Ummaha condemed the paris attack.According to reports in the Paris theater hostage kiln clan who are at least 80 people were killed. According to AFP news agency, two critically injured 80 police officers say hy.frans Paris football stadium, concert theaters and restaurants in six different areas, including armed attacks including suicide bombing.

paris attack

In Paris, at least 1,500 troops have been deployed.According to police, four attackers were killed in the concert hall btaklan three of whom blew himself up with explosives.The purpose of these attacks are still not an eyewitness to show support with a wealth of attack.
According to the news agency AFP that a person was driving, Francois Hollande is the fault of all, they should not intervene in Syria”Eiffel Tower bomb blast 14th november 2015.Eiffel Tower bomb threat video free download 2015.Eiffel images after bomb threat 14th nov 2015.November 2015 Paris attacks.Paris attacks updates.At Least 153 people dye in Paris terror attacks.

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