Saturday , 4 February 2017

Pakistani caption asked that he has made 1700 rans

Pakistani cricket team captain Misbah-ul-Haq said that people should take their eyes open to score runs this year, despite the 17 defendants in the team for that game.

Speaking to the BBC Misbah-ul – Haq said on Wednesday the formation of the South African team to tour the Ad Hoc Committee of the Pakistan Cricket Board and the Chairman of slyktrun Najam Sethi is satisfied.

defeat had samnakrna

There are three hundred runs playing for the team, then people should open their eyes and others have the wrong data

“Misbah – ul – Haq top of the batter manages day in 1119 while trying to point got number 570 is the road this year, his total score of 1689 had, one hundred and seventeen half a century as they are.”

Misbah – ul-Haq said that the South African batsmen who has performed against any team that can not win the game.

Pakistani caption asked that he has made 1700 rans

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