Sunday , 5 March 2017

NUST University Merit Need based scholarships 2014 for undergraduate postgraduate

Merit base PEC Scholarships for engineering students

Nust university offer scholarship every year on merit base. Actually these scholarships are from PEC (Pakistan engineering council).Student of all areas can apply but these are in limited number and high competition.

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Nust University Need base scholarship


These scholarships are given according to financial requirement of student every year.2 Things are considered during selection of scholarship for any student 1 is merit and 2nd is Need. Amount of scholarship provided depend upon university funds.

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NUST Financial assistance for undergraduate student

financial assistance 1

Nust Financial aid for postgraduate students

For postgraduate student teaching and research assistance will be provided to conduct undergraduate classes.But full time student is necessary and must maintain 3.5/4 during degree.

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