Sunday , 5 March 2017

Natural Home Remedies To Delay Menstruation

Sometimes you need to stop your period. Periods during Hajj, honeymoon or an important social event are a big problem and you want to stop them to enjoy your special days. Many of medicines are available to stop periods or delay periods. Here some Natural Tips are given to delay menses or menstrual cycle.

Home Remedies To Delay Menstruation:



Ginger helps to delay menstrual cycle. Drinking strong ginger tea is to accelerate the onset of the menstrual cycle. But High quantity of ginger tea can start the periods.



Parsley leaves are also a useful remedy to induce menstruation .Take a few crushed parsley leaves, boiled them into water or tea to induce and start menstruation.

Birth Control Pills:

Birth Control Pills

progesterone is hormone that support menstruation. If progesterone levels high in your body it will prevent menstruation or Periods. Take a progesterone only mini pill to prevent your menses from occurring. Birth Control Pills also stop periods, but Discuss the different other methods with your doctor who can help you .




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