Saturday , 4 March 2017

Muharram Public Holidays 2015 date in pakistan

Muharram Public Holidays 2015 date in pakistan.Muharram Sharif is the first month of the Islamic calendar.Muharram Sharif has a well known and sad history in Islamic religious and for all over thw world.Muharram is the arabic word taken from harm which means sinful.Muslims from all over thw word keep fast on this day.9th & 10th of Muharram sharif is known by the name of Youm e Ashura.Shia Muslims has different scheduale on this day.They observe and respect the battle of Karbala.

muharram sharif 2015 wallpapers

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1st Muharram 15 Oct 2015
10th Muharram 24 Oct 2015

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