Sunday , 5 March 2017

MQM Chief Altaf hussain arrested in london

MQM Chief Altaf hussain arrested in london

Pakistani media reporting that MQM Chief was arrested in London in money laundering case.Geo tv correspondent Murtza ali shah told geo tv that news was confirmed by Scotland yard source.

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Actually it was the case of 400000 pounds money laundering and incitement of violence and hate by his speeches. MQM was protesting for Altaf Husain CNIC From many days. Also a case is under investigation of Murder case of MQM Leader in London.

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Syed Talat Hussain ‏@TalatHussain12

Islamabad-London are in close contact on this issue. As are intelligence heads. Say diplomats.

Sana Bucha ‏@sanabucha

Altaf Hussaiin arrested in London on ‘money laundering charges’. Arrest made by Counter Terrorism Squad

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