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Mobilink Jazz New unlimited late night 3G internet packages 2015 Charges

Mobilink is the only company which is providing clear voice and full coverage in all major cities of Pakistan. 3G service and jazz offers are also given belwo. Name of Jazz internet packages are as.Jazz 3G net Daily Mini packages, 3-Days and Weekly packages. Mobilink Late night GPRS fast 3G package is also available for those have habit to sit late night. GPRS morning offer and Daily social Bundle to surf Social media sites like twitter and facebook and with affordable rate.  Hight Speed 3G internet is only available on mobilink Network. Free Wikipedia and USB dongle 3G devices with unlimited data volume is also a good offer.

Mobilink 3G Prepaid

Mobilink continues to provide it customers a better every day. Be part of the growing 3G network and enjoy free trial in the below mentioned cities/areas. So dial *443*3# now to activate your 3G and enjoy free 3G in these cities.

Pakistan’s no. 1 network brings you blazing 3G internet speeds at affordable prices. Now surf the internet with the most exciting bundles in town and experience the speed of 3G in the palm of your hand.

Sr. Bundles Prices (PKR)* Volume Validity Period Subscription Code Bundle Status Code**
1 Daily Light Internet 8 1,024 MB(available from 12 am to 5 pm) 24 Hrs *114*14# *114*14*2#
2 3G Daily3 15 100 MB 24 Hrs *117*1# *117*1*2#
3 3G Daily Super3 25 200 MB 24 Hrs *117*4# *117*4*2#
4 3G 3-Day3 35 300 MB 3 Days *117*3# *117*3*2#
5 3G Weekly3 60 1,500 MB 7 Days *117*7# *117*7*2#
6 3G Weekly Super 100 2,500 MB with unlimited usage from 2AM to 9AM6 7 Days *117*77# *117*77*2#
7 3G Monthly – Lite3 200 2048 MB 30 Days *117*31# *117*31*2#
8 3G Monthly – Heavy3 400 4,500 MB 30 Days *117*30# *117*30*2#
9 3G Monthly – Super4 1000 12,000 MB 30 Days *117*32# *117*32*2#
10 3G Hybrid Monthly 478 1000 Mobilink Mins, SMS & 2 GB 30 Days *117*40# *117*40*2#
11 3G Base Rate 18/MB

* Inclusive of taxes
** To check remaining MB’s and validity – no charges apply
*** Overage of Rs. 0.25/MB applies for 3G Daily, 3G Daily super, 3G 3-Day, 3G Weekly & 3G Monthly – Heavy till bundle expiry
**** Overage of Rs. 0/MB applies for 3G Monthly – Super till bundle expiry
*****Subscriber will receive expiry notification before incentive and validity expiry
******FUP of 10GB applies to usage between 2AM to 9AM in 3G weekly super bundle

Video Calling

Sr. Name Prices (PKR) Volume Validity Period Subscription Code Bundle Status Code**
1 Video Calling Monthly Bundle 119.5 50 Mobilink VT Mins 30 Days *117*50# *117*50*2#
2 Video Calling Base Rate 5.98/Min

*On-net only- All charges are inclusive of taxes
** To check remaining MB’s and validity – no charges apply

Terms and conditions:

  • 3G bundles are non-recursive and pulse size is 64 KB. 3G bundles can be subscribed and consumed in both 2G and 3G networks. 3G bundles can be consumed at 3G speed within 3G network and at best possible speed within 2G network.
  • 3G and video calling services will work on existing SIM card. You will require a 3G enabled handset and be within a 3G coverage area to enjoy Mobilink 3G services.
  • Actual Internet speed will depend on multiple factors like device, web pages accessed, time of day, number of simultaneous users, distance from 3G site etc.
  • All prices are inclusive of taxes.
  • Offered 3G data bundles will not auto-subscribe. Bundles need to be subscribed again upon expiry.
  • Base rate is a default rate. This means that if you are not subscribed to any bundle, you will be charged according to base rate i.e. PKR 18/ MB at 2G speed even if subscriber is connected to a 3G network. Charging pulse will be 64 KB.
  • Video call will be activated by default along with 3G services. The billing pulse for Video Calling is 30 seconds. Currently only on-net Video Calling is available.
  • Video Calling is only possible in 3G network and will require a handset capable of making a video call.

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