Saturday , 4 March 2017

Medical weight loss reasons symptoms

Now a days excess of weight and fat is an main problem of the people.Every one want to overcome on their weight but due to lack of suggestion they cannot overcome on it some of the people start doing dieting to lose their weight which damage their health and cause of many other disease and weakness.

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following are some  Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight;

1. Use of diet plan food: main cause of You’re Not Losing Weight is use of diet food.Sustenances like breakfast oats  low-fat yogurt, without any gluten nourishments, agave nectar and also sans fat serving of mixed greens dressings are regularly stacked with included sugar or fructose.

2. Skipping Meals:

Besides, when you don’t eat enough, your body reacts by rationing sustenance as fat for vitality. so some of the people stop eating which cause of excessive weight.

3. Donot  Taking Enough Water : Drink much of water can help you to lose your weight.

4. Donot take proper sleep: The another main cause of not to lose weight is not to take proper sleep.

5.Donot take enough proteins:  To overcome on weight it is neccessary to take proper proteins.

6.Symptoms of Prescription Medications:

Some doctor prescribed medications used to treat wretchedness, diabetes, seizures, headaches and hypertension can bring about weight pick up.

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