Sunday , 5 March 2017

Latest Dramatic Smoky Blue Eye Makeup in pakistan

Thinking about blue and bold eyes shadow is only for women in different parties like dance, birthday and marriage parties and functions. Make the eyes  bold is main moment for girls and women.  Different colours can be used to make the eyes smoky like green etc.  green eye look very good with gray & plum smoky eye, while on the other hand blue eye pop with gold/copper and brown eye goes very great shade of  gray & navy. Three shades of a color should be choose some thing like cream colour, medium, dark and a light colour. Do not use the color which is very bright or if your skin is very dark.  Here are the latest Dramatic Smoky Blue Eye Makeup  in pakistan to become the eyes smoky, dark and stormy.

  1. Use an eye pencil or primer.
  2. Make a thin line with that pencil or primer.
  3. Fill your eyes lid area with bold blue shadow.
  4. Take a  light grey shadow.
  5. Mark a dark grey shadow.
  6. Mark  not shiny black colour on external area of eyes.
  7. Evenly draw a white shadow.
  8. Use a new neat and clean brush, mix the shadows as one by using side by side little circles.
  9. Mark or draw a water line into lower  lip of eye by using black lining.
  10. By using a brush to make a blue shadow  with minor bind/ lash line.
  11. Mark the  dark grey shadow with external base bind /lash line.
  12. Use bogus or false lash lines.
  13. Line up higher lash line with the black lining.
  14. End with a paint of eyeshadow or mascara.


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