Saturday , 4 March 2017

Khoya Gajrela recipie in urdu and english

Khoya Gajrela recipie in urdu and english :


1: Carrots one pound crushed
2: khoya 125 grams
3:125 grams of sugar
4:Half a liter of milk
5: rice flour A tablespoon
6:Cardamom four to five pieces crushed
7:5grams of almonds crushed
8:Pista-five grams powdered
9: fragrant two tablespoons screw pine
10:A quarter teaspoon  color


Khoya Gajrela recipie in urdu and english :

1:Dip carrots in water.
2:Take a pan, heat the milk in, then sugar, rice flour, add the carrots and cook on a gentle heat.
3:Keep stirring continuously with the help of a spoon.
4:Now, cardamom powder and cook for fifteen minutes.
5:If the carrots become soft put the color, fragrant screw pine, almond and pistachios and mix well could be.
6:Serve the dish when it get cold.

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