Saturday , 4 March 2017

Kachorian Aur Aaloo Tarkari Recipe in Urdu English

 Kachorian Aur Aaloo Tarkari recipe in urdu and English:

Today we make another delicious and famous recipie  Kachorian Aur Aaloo Tarkari..



1:Potatoes for vegetables:
2:Four potatoes (square cut)
3:½ teaspoon cayenne pepper (crushed)
4:A tablespoon nigella seeds
5:A tablespoon red pepper (chopped)
6:A teaspoon of turmeric
7:Salt to taste
8:For cooking oil
9:Two cups of water
10:For the filling:
11:Chana dal half a cup (for overnight soaked)
12:Red pepper (ground)
14:Salt to taste
15:Hung a pinch
16:Cumin), roasted
17:Ginger paste
18:Green pepper
19:Coriander powder
20:Ghee for frying
21:Doo for:
22:A cup of flour
23:A quarter cup of water
24:Half a teaspoon of salt
25:Two tablespoons of oil




  1. Potatoes for vegetables: a pan (pan) potato, turmeric powder, nigella seeds, red chili powder, chopped red pepper, three tablespoons of water and oil (oil 2-3 tbsp) cast.
  2. The pan (pan) to cover small heat (low heat) until thawed, cook the potatoes (cook).
  3. Doo: The remains of a vessel to make flour, salt and water to make a stiff dough and half an hour (half hour) and continue to.
  4. Then make small balls.
  5. Kachoris to make: pulses overnight (soak) hold then grind (grind) said.
  6. Taste chili powder, turmeric powder, salt, Hung, ginger, cumin powder and chopped roasted red pepper Mix all ingredients (mix) would.
  7. This mixture (mixture) is found in the ground lentils.
  8. The entire mixture (mixture) twenty-five minutes (25 mins) a pan (pan) Light heat (low flame) roasted (roast) each.
  9. Then this mixture (mixture) in the trees full (fill) make.
  10. A little hand-holding down the trees frying pan (frying pan) in golden brown (golden brown) might. Kachoris and potato curry fun for breaking up

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