Saturday , 4 March 2017

Is sex harmful or safe during pregnancy?

Every pragnent women want answer is sex harmful during sex.?You may have heard that engaging in sexual relations can bring on work before your child is prepared to be born. This is not valid, the length of you have had a clear pregnancy.


Yes. In the case that you’ve had a sound pregnancy.The thick bodily fluid fitting that seals your cervix monitors your infant against contamination. The amniotic sac and the solid muscles of your uterous  additionally keep your child or infant safe.

Your husband penis won’t harm your child in any capacity while you’re having sexual relation.You may discover your child moves around a touch after you’ve had a climax.there is  nothing to stress over. Your childs responding to the beating of your heart. He doesn’t get recognize what’s occurring or feel any inconvenience.

On the off chance that you’ve had any draining( bleeding) or spotting in ahead of schedule pregnancy, your specialist doctors may suggest you not to engage in sexual relations until you achieve 15 weeks.


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