Sunday , 5 March 2017

Imran Khan 5 December 2013 Islamabad Dharna Speech

Imran khan chairman Pakistan Tahreek e Insaf  (PTI) is fully against Drone attacks in pakistan. This is the video of Speech of Imran khan 5 december dharna speech in front of parliament of pakistan against drone attacks. Whole PTI protest against drone attacks in front fo parliament house. Imran khan special speech to PTI workers in dharna on 5 December 2013. According to imran khan Terrorism in Pakistan is expanding day by day due to drone attacks in Pakistan. Drone attacks are voilation of international laws and against the sovereignty of Pakistan. Today also imran khan and Shah mehmood Qureshi will also meet with European union members about drone attacks.

Imran Khan 5 December 2013 Islamabad Dharna Speech full video

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