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How To Use a Male female Condom before intercourse

Condoms are the technique of stoping and avoiding sexually transmitted infections, or organism, Condoms prevent pregnancies. Many of the couple use it to prevent themself from pregnancy, They produce a barrier that keeps humor and different body fluids out of the duct.There are condoms for men and for ladies — however do not use each at an equivalent time. One will continuethe opposite and pull it out of place or tear it.
By practising safer sex, you’ll defend yourself from an unpredictable physiological state and sexually transmitted infections , together with HIV this suggests invariably sporting a rubber.
There are two types of condom:

1:Male , 2:Female
How to put on a condom

Most condoms are of a kind of rubber known as latex. For those that have latex allergies, ployurethan or polyisoprene condoms square measure offered that carry a lower risk ofinflicting Associate in Nursing aversion.
When and How is that the male condom used?
A man ought to wear a rubber any time he inserts his penis  into the body of another person, if there’s even the slightest risk that either person could have a sexually transmitted infection.Take caution once gap the wrapper to avoid tearing the rubber along with your teeth, fingernails or rings. Gently pinch the air out of the tip of the rubber before golf shot it on. The rubber is rolled over the.A new rubber should be used whenever you’ve got sex. The Condom should be in place before penis is inserted into the body of another person. If you utilize lubricants with a rubber, make sure to solely use water-based lubricants.

What causes male condoms to damage?

There are reasons why a Condom would damage:

  • Condoms are too old:.If the condom is fashionable or old it may be damage during intercourse.
  • Not enough lubrication. further lubrication is usually required for perversion.
  • The wrong reasonably stuff. Lubricants that contain oil  like mineral jelly, baby oils and vegetable oils if the stuff is wrong it cause of break the condom.
  • Condom is simply too tiny.If the penis is large in size and condom is too tight cause of damage the condom,
  • Partner is simply too tight. Use an additional strength rubber and additional stuff.

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