Sunday , 5 March 2017

How To Prevent A Miscarriage

Pregnancy is very high curricular stage of women life. Pregnancy is very sensitive time and women need alot of attention in these days because If there is a certain problem with pregnancy, a woman may experience miscarriage which is a loss of pregnancy. It is a common problem which mostly occurs in beginning 2-3 months of Pregnancy. Miscarriage can be prevented by providing proper care and more attention. Some Tips are given below to prevent Miscarriage.



During Pregnancy take more rest in your daily routine and take care yourself. Limit your physical activities and walk regularly for half an hour in fresh air but avoid riding, cycling and swimming in pregnancy.Take a proper sleep for 8-10 hours a day. During Pregnancy,Don’t take stress,because in many cases Stress is the major reason of Miscarriage. So keep calm and concern with your Doctor if you fell Stress or Depression in Pregnancy.A Gentle Body Massage provide a lot of benefits during pregnancy. Drink sufficient water in pregnancy to keep yourself Hydrate,  Eat healthy foods like Green Vegetables, Nuts, Whole Grains and fresh Fruits.

Discuss every awkward thing that you experienced with your Family members or Husbands,So that they can help you to solve that Problem. Take your medicines regularly. In pregnancy, you need much of vitamins, minerals and iron. Use Vitamins and Iron supplements by Doctor Advice.

tobacco and alcohol during pregnancy are completely avoid. Limit the intake of coffee and tea. Always think good and positive and keep your self busy is some healthy activities. If your have a past experience of miscarriage, then don’t worry proper care in pregnancy will be blessed you with a healthy baby.






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