Saturday , 4 March 2017

How to make lipton green tea at home for weight loss

Green tea has lot of health benefits. Green.Green tea gives lot of potential to the body.
If some one is not familer to the green tea making procedure than it may be possible that they may be non effective for health.Do not worry today we will try our best to make the perfect green tea in few minutes.

how to make green tea
Green teabag tea Main content.
Green teabags, leaves or pearls
Hot water
basil leaves ( 4-5 leaves)
Lemon juice
First thing before making og green tea is that how much cups of green tea you wants to make.
The simple and main guideline is that one teaspoon 5 g of green tea pearls per one cup of water.This will gives you one cup of brewed tea.
Place the leaves in the strainer.
Heat up them into 180 °F.
Put the filled tea strainer into an empty cup carefully.
Put the heated water on the tea leaves.

Heat up the leaves for 3 to 4 minuts not too longer.
Now you will be able to remove the tea strainer from the cup.
Try to Cool down the tea and enjoy a perfect tea with your siblings and friends.

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