Sunday , 5 March 2017

How to Have Sex During Your Menstruation Periods

Is it safe to Have Sex During Periods,is very common question . Many myths and facts about sex during periods are here that you might find interesting. Sex during period is prohibited by Islamic Point of views. Here some  common facts are listed sex during Periods or Menstruation.


Important Myths And Facts About Sex During Menstruation :

Menstrual Blood Is Harmful For The Penis:

Menstruation Blood is dirty fluid that is harmful for Male Penis. Menses Blood create infection in penis because it is not pure blood and have many of impurities , so it is very harmful for Male Penis.

 Intercourse During Periods Can Harm The Uterus:

The common problem of sex during Periods is Uterus Infection. Having sex during periods can cause the Uterus Injury due to penis poke in Vagina Hole.

Aids And Other Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs):

During Periods sexual intercourse is harmful and Aids and other Sexual Transmitted Diseases chance are greater due to sexual intercourse in Periods. So, Sex During Pregnancy is prohibited by Islam and Medical Science also,because it s harmful for male as well as female sexual health.

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