Saturday , 4 March 2017

How To Get Pregnant Without Periods

Menstruation is natural phenomena that happen in women body when she reach at the age of childbirth. Majority of women that face problems in their periods due to some issues like illness,weight gain or weight lose etc. If you not menstruate then it become difficult to find your ovulation . it is said that if periods not occur then you can not conceive baby. But in Medical some methods are introduce to get pregnant without periods. Assisted reproductive methods like Clomid or IVF. Details about these methods read below.

Methods To Get Pregnant Without A Period



Clomid is clomiphene citrate that helps to regulate your ovulation when your periods are irregular or stopped.

Clomid is normally used for five days, starting from third day of your period until the seventh day or from the fifth day of periods. Clomid starts your ovulation that can be tested by assessing the basal body temperature.

When ovulation start then intercourse  during the first two days of ovulation creat chances of pregnancy. Clomid have some mild side effects like breast tenderness and hot flashes.


IVF is medical procedure in which Doctor injected medication into women stomach to stimulate her ovaries to produce follicle. .When follicles are grown then female eggs are removed under anaesthesia. The eggs are grown up  in labortary environment and fertilised with sperm and after that they injected in women body. IVF strong chances of pregnancy.

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