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How To Get Pregnant Without Fallopian Tubes

Fallopian Tubes are a vital part in women reproductive systems which is required for natural conception. In the absence of Fallopian tubes there are very sick chance of pregnancy. When Ovaries release an egg in fertilize days then these eggs send in to Fallopian tubes where this egg fertilize and pregnancy occur. When a women lose her Fallopian tubes due to any complication or an ectopic pregnancy then it is difficult to conceive.

However Medical Science introduce many methods in which women can get pregnant without Fallopian tubes. here you read that how To Get Pregnant Without Fallopian Tubes.

Ways To Conceive Without Fallopian Tubes

Pregnancy Test

Consult To Doctor:

A gynecologist will help to conceive with artificial methods.IVF is the normal procedure for conception without Fallopian tubes. Your Doctor guide you completely about this Procedure.

Egg Harvesting:

Before IVF treatment your egg will be harvested with your partner sperm  for fertilization. Women egg collected after ovulation. This egg then be fertilized with the sperm from your Husband.

Sperm Harvesting:

The sperm of husband will be harvested and frozen for fertilization with your eggs.  Before sperm harvesting, your husband need to ensure that he refain from sexual  intercourse or activity so that sperms count make strong and healthy sperms.

Implantation of The Sperm:

After Egg and sperm harvesting, your doctor will check your body temperature to assess the good time for implanting the egg into the uterus. After sperm implementation, doctors wait at least for two weeks and then confirm pregnancy with Pregnancy Test or Ultra sound.

Your Doctor suggest you to conceive baby with IVF method then all of possible chance are failed to conceive baby and no more chance to conceive naturally.

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