Saturday , 4 March 2017


Pregnant Women who have baby girl ,wish that there next baby is boy. If you have dream to conceive baby boy then it is possible, there are many ways you can want to get baby girl or boy.Here some methods are given to conceive baby boy at your next pregnancy..

Ways To Get Pregnant With A Boy

How To Get Pregnant With A Boy

Deep Penetration:

During Intercourse deep  penetration helps male sperms to swim faster and reach the egg . In this way  they have shorter distance to reach the female eggs and chance to get baby boy pregnancy.

Shettles Method:

Plan to have sex in your most fertilize days when female egg is ready to meat with sperm,it increase the chance to have baby boy.If you have sex before ovulation ,then male sperm will die due to the absence of egg.

Percoli :

This method in science is also known as Density gradient  centrifugaration. In.In this procedure the Y sperm that create baby boy is injected into female egg.Female sperms are heavier then male sperm,they settle at the bottom at the bottom .This procedure is done with IVF technique.

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