Wednesday , 8 March 2017

How to get pregnant in islam with boy

How to get pregnant is one of the most important and debatable question in all around the world for all those females who could not get pregnant.Another question is that how to conceive a baby boy.We try our best to solve and discuss these two issues in today artical. For.For geting pregnancy try to do sex regularly.Sex time also matters.Try to do the sex in time of ovulation your boys healthy and wealthy.

Try to eat those foods which are sexual stimulating.consider preconception planning in your life style.Take the vitamins regularly.On the day of ovulation it is bigger chances of that the male sperms can swin faster and raech on the eggs first.We have some video tutorials and pdf notes on this issue.If any women or girl has a problem like pregnancy or relevant topics they can contact with us via commenting in below comment box.

how to get pregnent

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