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If you had a miscarriage, abortion or surgical expulsion of the infant then your body requires a certain time of period to recover for next pregnancy. Most of Doctor suggest waiting for 3 to 4 months for next time pregnancy after abortion.Next Pregnancy is depends upon your previous gynecological history and physical health. Here are useful tips to keep in mind if you plan to get pregnant after an abortion.

Tips To Get Pregnant After An Abortion


Intake of Water:

After your miscarriage or abortion increase your water or fluid intake because water or fluids  helps you to get your physical energy level back.  Water Hydrate body and help to get back to normal healthy life routine.

Take Rest:

After Miscarriage Doctor advice to sleep more as daily routine. Doctor says that take more rest after abortion helps to recover body fast and heal you faster and ready your body for other pregnancy fastly.So Take rest after abortion.

Avoid Exercise:

If you had an abortion then completely avoid exercises of any type for 2-4 weeks at least. not lift any weights because it put a lot of strain on your body and  not do heavy house work.

Avoid Sexual Intercourse:

After Miscarriage or Abortion don’t have sex at least 2 weeks, so that your body requires time to recover  from the operation .

Talk with your Partner:

It is Important to speak with your partner to plan your next baby.Do not feeling pressured into having intercourse. If you want to get pregnant fast then talk about your fertilize period with you doctor and plan to have sexual intercourse during your fertilize time ,it maximize the chances of conception. Don’t take stress or depressed  if you have miscarriage. Stress is the main reason of abortion , so remain happy and think positive during your pregnancy.


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