Saturday , 4 March 2017

How To Deal With Pregnancy Headaches

Many unpleasant things occur during Pregnancy.One of pregnancy complication is Headache that can leave you in tears.Headache is common in first trimester of pregnancy in many women.Some causes of headache during pregnancy are given below.

Common Causes of Headaches during Pregnancy

The first reason of headache  during pregnancy due to increment of hormone level.Body hormone change during pregnancy,therefore headache occur. Other common reasons of headache include High Blood Pressure, High BP level cause sever headache during pregnancy .

You need more rest in first and second trimester of pregnancy.Fatigue also is the reason of headache,Take plenty of rest during first three months of pregnancy and avoid fatigue.

Cold, flu, nose blockages and sinus infection also caused headache during pregnancy.Try Steam for flu and nose blockage cure.Your doctor check for sinus infection and give medicine according to your body condition.

Stress and Tension during pregnancy leaves serious harmful effects on your body. So avoid stress during these special days. Low Blood Sugar Level increase the rate of headache. Check your doctor for your blood sugar test and eat proper diet according to your physician.

Bright Lights,Loud Noises, Strong Odors and Stuffy Surroundings also create headache. So, Pregnant women avoid public rush places and make your home ideal and peaceful so that your body and mind relax and you feel good at your home.Try moving away from strong fragrance or odor.Open your home or room window for some fresh air .

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